Me with a Guinness at the local pub

Me with a Guinness at the local pub

I'm a 40-something year old hacker (aka. systems designer aka. software engineer aka programmer).

Before starting my own business I worked with offshore surveying software (gps's, gyros, echosounders aso.) that was a windows job and it taught me how defective windows (VC++ and MFC really) is and that to stay sane I'd have to stick with POSIXy platforms (mainly Linux, Solaris & OSX).

From the windows thing I went on to work on Solaris and Linux in Java, C, C++, Perl and Python.

Now, I do software development and release engineering at Stibo Systems, involving such things as Linux, Java, Perl, Solaris, Windows and Oracle.

Other projects I've worked on are:

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