My cat; Petra, taken in my bed.

My cat, petra, taken in my bed.

My cat; Maggie, taken at work.

My ex-cat; Maggie, taken at work.

Bribery or presents

If for some reason you need to give me a present or bribe me then here are some suggestions, you could also look at my actual wishlist if you want.

Number 1 bribe: Eating out

I like eating out and the city of Aarhus has several really good restaurants that I can reccomend:

La FiestaExelent mexican food.
Sharks DinerAmerican diner with the best burgers and milkshakes in Aarhus.
Pearl IndiaOk indian food.
Jacobs BBQBriliant steakhouse.
Hereford beefstouwExpensive (but good) steakhouse.
Cockney pub Not so much a restaurant as a very well stocked pub.

Number 2 bribe: Whiskey and beer

A view of my whisky-shelf

A view of my whisky-shelf

The whiskies that I currently have are:

If you are in need of a present (or a bribe) for me then print this page and show it to the local whisky dealer and he will have at least 10 different bottles all over the pricerange that I will like.

However a rough guide is: Scotch, Single malt (no blends!), older than 12 years (the optimum age depends on the particular malt), but no glenfiddish (good for children and older people, though) and nothing I have on my shelf already (that would be boring).

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