w83697ug/uf watchdog driver

I have written a Linux driver for the watchdog found on the MSI Fuzzy CX700 mini-itx boards. The watchdog is a feature of the superIO chip from winbond called w83697ug.

The CX700 manual contains example assembler which looks as though it was cribbed from the w83697ug datasheet, I used those two manuals to adapt an existing watchdog driver to the new chip.

The manual for the CX700 board is not easy to locate, so I have taken the liberty to mirror it here: msi-f700-E_9802v1.0.pdf.gz [4.8M]

Anyway enough rambling, the patch is here: winbond-w83697ug-watchdog-linux- [12K].

Update 2008/11/26: It seems the patch was merged into 2.6.28-rc1, so from 2.6.28 I will not have to patch my router kernels, yay!

Support for Multiplex receiver manager adaptor in cp2101

The full story is on the dedicated page, the patch is a simple one-liner that adds the device id to the existing cp2101 driver.

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