When deploying Ubiquiti radios one thing always ends up a mess: The PoE injectors and the switch, the FarPower project is an attempt at developing an eventually producing an outdoor manged pPoE 10/100 network switch.

For more information look at the dedicated project management site: http://farpower.dren.dk


All design documents are maintained in Subversion, to get the code run:

svn co http://svn.farpower.dren.dk/farpower


Tracking of tasks and milestones and some documentation is done via Trac, see: http://farpower.dren.dk

Contributing to the project

If you have feature requests or something else to contribute to the project, please let me know at ff-farpower2010@nrvissing.net.


I'm sinking a lot of hours into the project, but there are hard costs that I need to cover for tools, software and parts for the prototypes, so if you would like to see the completion of the final product, please consider becoming a sponsor of the project.

The suggested sponsorship rate 200 EUR per completed milestone, that buys you one working prototype after @M4 and direct input to the design process, the earlier you start sponsoring, the more influence is possible.


Wakenet has pledged 200 EUR to the completion of each milestone and has been instrumental motivating me to spend time on the project.

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